Services That We Offer

SERVE facilitates or partners with other organizations to provide workshops, training or speaking engagements.

Weekly Learning Seminars

SERVE directly connects interested individuals to weekly luncheons and weekly learning seminars that are open to the public intended to enhance the personal and professional development of all participants.

Contact SERVE today so we can share more information on these very important services that participants, their families and guests can attend for free weekly.

Volunteer Opportunities

SERVE participants will have various opportunities to volunteer in efforts that heighten their awareness of the needs of the community. We will provide direct access to non-profits and other organizations where you can plug in to serve and make a meaningful difference.


SERVE provides a 6 week training entitled "The Next GEN Series" for young males ages 18 to 25 as we aim to assist them in their career endeavors. The series is a mixture of job readiness training with personal and professional development.


Book - Serve Yourself to Greatness

What does it mean to SERVE? Are we supposed to serve God? What about our spouse and family? Are we expected to serve our customers or client base? Well, the answer to all of these questions is yes, of course!

Book - Serve Your Child to Greatness

Serve Your Children to Greatness is a book of affirmations that will increase your child's confidence and help your children to believe in themselves and their abilities. Are they ready for greater? If yes, then it is time that you teach them to SERVE. This confidence building, purpose driven book can aide...

Motivational Speaker: Reginald Gant

Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Book - Freedom from Anxiety: One Woman's Secret Journey

This story is about a woman that experienced anxiety in her 20s but masked it with material success. In fact, she was too afraid to share her experience with anyone so she dealt with it alone. Authored by Hennither Bianca Gant

Amazing Team Members


Reginald Gant

Hennither Gant

Hennither Gant
Chief Strategy Officer


What Others Say

“Reginald shares his life's story personally and passionately with our job-seeking clients to help motivate and inspire them to work hard and reach out for their goals. He always takes time to meet with them individually to answer questions and help them. Reginald is committed to making an impact and we always appreciate what he does for MND clients!”

Stefanie Hopkins,
Community Relations Manager
Maryland New Directions

"I invited Reginald to speak to the students in my class at Coppin State University. The topic he spoke on was Branding. He is an excellent facilitator and masterful presenter. I've seen Reginald in action on many different occasions and always enjoy his energy and passion for what he does. My students were still talking about his presentation and the value it added to their lives weeks after he was gone"

Curtis Black,
Executive Director and Founder
Angels Helping Angels, Inc.

"I met Reginald a few years back and was instantly impressed with this young man. He was a mentor and always sharp and willing to lend a helping hand. I invited him to speak on the topic of Professional Development to some of my youth and he did a phenomenal job reinforcing some of the things I had been saying to them already. His vast knowledge of his subject matter tied with his ability to relate and connect with his audience is a sheer joy to witness. I hope to have him back in the near future. The youth really learned a lot from his workshop"

Duante D.

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